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Stress may cause you to make mistakes that will lower your chances of getting hired. Learn from the best and avoid those mistakes.

24-week Career Prep

Weekly career prep assignments

Job Placement and Career Counseling Services for IT Professionals

Our career counseling team has an unbeaten track record of success in developing candidates with job-readiness skills.

1:1 sessions with career coaches

Upgrade your online portfolio and polish your resume

Interview prep from Facebook & Google Engineers

Help you navigate your way to a better career

Make your online portfolio with expert feedback and guidance so your job applications are as sharp as you are.

We will turn you into an expert job seeker. You will learn to market your profile in the industry and gain an edge over other candidates.

Search like an expert

Enroll in our tech bootcamp and become part of our 24-week career counseling service, which includes the following:

Make your job hunt stress-free

Learn to pass the tech interview with the pros

Learn interview best practices developed by industry veterans from companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Help you fix common interview mistakes that can make impactful change.

Prep to pass the technical interview covering from the basics to advanced topics, behavioral questions and mock interviews.

We have built a specific database of companies and maintain a steady flow of job leads in the technology industry, that could potentially hire our students.

Know which companies to approach

We teach you skills that will help you on the job, and help you demonstrate those skills on your resume to gain employer trust.

Build skills and gain trust

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Our career counseling team have an unbeaten track record of success in the development of prospective candidates with job-readiness skills.

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Sales: (888) 715-6384Support: 855-465-0685