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Tayler P.

"The course instructor assigned to me is an expert with lots of real-world skills. What I love more about Sean is that he never holds back valuable resources and information. He encourages students in the Bootcamp to interact, ask questions and collaborate. He checked in on my progress regularly and reviewed my work as a coach. This shows his dedication to my success."

Olanrewaju O.

The Bootcamp has positively impacted my IT knowledge, it has improved and exposed me to highly experienced instructors who are always available to answer my concerns (No matter how dumb-like, such concerns and questions maybe). It’s great exposure and hope of a brighter tomorrow. I have recommended the same to some of my friends who promised to register in a very short while. Glad to be part of this great training.”

Barnard D.

"The 6 months cybersecurity bootcamp allowed me to learn from some of the most experienced individuals in the field. I had been a victim of such an attack and the loss I suffered made me a quick and passionate learner."



Meet Melanie

Melanie has always been interested in computers and networking, she thinks cybersecurity is the most critical study safeguarding the newest technologies across the globe. Melanie is a victim of a cybercrime and got stolen with her data in 2018. 

Well, our mission is to find people like Melanie and give them a chance once they make a choice that they want to learn and be successful. Melanie went through our partner, our 6 months cybersecurity bootcamp certification program. She worked hard and was disciplined to complete the entire cybersecurity bootcamp. We helped Melanie with her resume, interview skills, linked in profile, guided in how to best position yourself and then landed her dream job as a Cybersecurity Analyst.

“The growing use of technology as a weapon begs the question of how we can combat breaches of security across the globe. At the rate that new technological advances are taking place, my growing concern is how we are going to combat them in a real way”

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Anil K.

“ I chose coding bootcamp since I needed training that I could complete without appearing in a physical classroom. The Bootcamp laid it all out for me, letting me concentrate on learning Intensive web development program in a composed and productive way. I would recommend the bootcamp to anyone willing to learn web development.”

Judy D.

" I'm a computer grad and knew the basics of web development. However, I wanted training on advanced HTML/CSS and Web development frameworks, and the courses offered in the bootcamp ticked all the boxes. The interactive sessions with the instructor helped me learned exactly what I was looking for. I'm totally satisfied with the comprehensive curriculum and hands-on projects assigned to every module."

John K. 

"I could make such a drastic change in my life, yet I was unaware of how to do it. I am glad I discovered the web development bootcamp which gave me the ability to direct my career growth."



Meet Darrell

Darrell knows the HTML basics and he was working as a junior web developer in a small firm. He was responsible for looking after the site speed, content and design update. Darrell is passionate to learn technology and always wanted to grow his career as a coder. He attended one of our webinars on web development career. He was convinced the way Zsolt Nagy – the webinar host has conducted the entire session and immediately decided to enroll for coding module in May 2019.

He began to learn about a wide range of programming concepts that he was not aware of. He learnt about the latest website frameworks and using this newly gained knowledge he was able to bring substantial improvements to his technology department. Now, he is on the course to become a Senior Web Developer within the next few months.

“Through this comprehensive bootcamp, I have updated my knowledge and practiced modern web development frameworks, which will help me a lot in the current job market. I would like to say thanks to the instructor and career counselor for giving me this amazing learning experience”

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Sarah H.

" The instructors are true experts in their field, and it shows! I am really satisfied with their hands-on approach towards student success, as well as how they don’t read from typical instruction manuals. I rate it as of one the best online bootcamp for data science."

Marlin Q.

"I would personally recommend this Data Science bootcamp for everyone in search of a competitive data science professional position. The coaches are very supportive and knowledgeable too. They check in regularly and make sure each student is doing well."

Elizabeth L.

"I found both the training material and the instructors to be top-notch. What I especially like about it is that the instructors act as proper coaches and take you through the course in a very comprehensive manner. 10/10, would recommend."



Meet Scott

Scott has a BS and MS in Information Technology (Healthcare informatics). Technology has been his passion for many years since the beginning of high school. He developed more interest in Data Science when he started working as a Case Manager. He wanted to become a data science professional to gain his knowledge and skills with carrying out her daily duties include analyzing and interpreting data that could eventually help deliver better services in healthcare.

Scott went through our data science bootcamp certification program. He worked hard and was disciplined to complete the entire data science bootcamp. Our career counseling team helped him with job-readiness skills including; resume and letter writing, interviewing skills and job search strategies that resultant him landed a job as a data scientist in just 3 months.

“Data Science has evolved so much over the years. It's amazing how healthcare depends on data scientists to improve healthcare. I want to be part of a team that run and operate data in healthcare. Healthcare providers depend on data trends to improve healthcare. A good example was during the outbreak of Ebola in Africa”

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